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May 28 2018

5 Ultimate Steps to Convert PSD to WordPress Theme

WordPress has become the favorite of the developers in a very short period of time since it was launched as a blogging platform in 2003. While it was launched initially, it instantly connected well with the bloggers around the world because of the features that were introduced and provided a hassle-free writing platform for the […]

April 07 2017

April 05 2017

5 reasons why you need an expert WordPress developer

At present, there’s a neck to neck competition in the web market and every website owner is trying his best to gain maximum visibility among their target audience. There are a number of marketing tactics to reach out to a good amount of users but most of the ways are still not known to many developers. In such case, you need to come up with a website which is designed by expert designers and coded by skilled developers.

Finding such people is not easy and people who can work on important platforms such as WordPress are tougher to find. Well, the WordPress Customization is considered as the important tool that will help you come up with a unique and innovative site suitable for your personal and business use. The best thing about WordPress is that it’s an open-source tech which means you can develop your portal without spending much.

WordPress offers several free tools that assist in building customised blogs and websites which will help you in getting in touch with target audience without much hassle. In a very less time, WordPress has become a famous CMS and is widely used for developing sites and blogs. Given below are some reasons why you need an expert for developing a WP-based site: 

1. Theme customisation – When you hire WordPress Development Services of a skilled coder, you would be able to incorporate different features & useful functionalities in your site. The process of creating site has to be done with an expertise because the SQL & PHP script pages are to be dealt with utmost care.

2. Plugin Customisation – WordPress powered sites are incomplete without plugins. These plugins are just shortcodes which are designed to perform specific functions such as SEO, security, backup, caching etc. 

3. Updates – The WordPress community is known for rolling out regular updates. To keep pace with the changing trends, you need to upgrade your WordPress core on a timely basis. An expert WordPress developer will provide you with the assistance in updating your portal and with each update a new functionality will be added to your site.

4. Support – Although there are very fewer chances that you might face any issue with WordPress, but still it’s good to have a skilled developer as he will help you get through all the difficult phases. These developers have a great knowledge about the common errors and offer efficient solutions to eliminate them.

5. Content Management – To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to keep adding new content such as images, text, videos etc so that users get a chance to see fresh content whenever they visit your portal. Moreover, you can also send out newsletters to your targeted users.  

March 24 2017

Virtual Reality: Does it has any future in website development?

Virtual Reality has promised to make massive changes in the way we experience and interact with the web technology. Despite the fact, that VR is still trying to join the mainstream, there are several developments taking place through which you can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality handsets.

Apart from that, developers are also trying to merge this VR concept in the websites and internet browsers so that users can enjoy a real life browsing experience.

In this article, you will read about how Wordpress website development service providers are taking advantage of Web VR and various other implications that help in improving overall web design.

Although, the Web VR is still in development phase, but developers are trying their best to integrate this feature in the sites. If you wish to add VR functionality in your portal, then it’s recommended to hire a highly-skilled developer or development agency.

Which Virtual Reality Tech is available right now?

VR devices are still new in the market, so the gadgets related to it available in limited quantity only. There are only four major brands in the market which develop high-quality VR headsets:

Google Cardboard- Within just $10-15 you can turn any mobile device into a VR headset. Moreover, the latest YouTube app comes pre-loaded with the Google Cardboard support and with one click you can enable the VR mode.

Oculus Rift– One of the first companies to develop the Virtual Reality tech. Oculus Rift designed the best and costliest VR headsets which are generally used by the expert gamers. Recently, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift in a billion-dollar deal.

HTC Vive– Just like Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive also comes with a price tag of $800 and offers an amazing virtual experience.

Samsung Gear– Compared to Oculus and VIVE, the Samsung Gear comes with a much affordable price tag. By paying just $100, you can enjoy great VR experience.

What About WordPress’s Support for Virtual Reality?

To take things to the next level, Wordpress theme development service providers are beta testing VR-enabled templates. The initial results were quite amazing and it is expected that these themes would be launched soon. For a global success, several developers are building libraries which can support the virtual reality implementation for the sites. And thankfully, this phase will be completed soon.

The Web VR (which is still under development) is a JavaScript based library which allows Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard to access the sites in a proper manner. With Web VR, people don’t have to rely on specialised apps to browse the web, normal web browsers will do the job too. It is predicted that by the beginning of 2018, the stable version of Web VR would be released in the market.  

March 17 2017

Strengths and Weaknesses of WordPress Plugins

The primary goal of the WordPress Plugin Directory is to offer a safe place for all sorts of WordPress users from non-technical ones to the professional developers- to download unique plugins that help in adding desired functionality in the WordPress based websites. These plugins act like power boosters and do help in enhancing the overall user-experience.

When it comes to Wordpress Plugin development it will be good if you hire the services of a skilled and talented developer who can provide you with desired plugins in stipulated time frame. Creating a plugin is not that messy, but still, it’s recommended to hire the services of developers as they are the right person for this job and will provide you with an innovative product that will surely give your site a competitive edge in the market.

There’s no doubt in that the plugins are one of the WordPress’s most powerful assets. In essence, plugins are the modules with which you can activate a series of features and elements.

The functionality you can add to your site depends on what each specific plugin has been built to do. The WordPress Plugin Directory is full of a wide selection of plugins, ranging from simple ones (such as styling & theme change plugins) all the way to extensive plugins (that offer eCommerce integration, SEO or third party connections). 

The plugins work different from the theme, in other words, they work independently, using filters, hooks, widgets, shortcodes and the custom codes that allow these plugins to perform their functionality. At present, there are several Wordpress development Services providers in the market which are engaged in plugin development process.Before you hire anyone, it will be good if you do a bit of a research and appoint the best one for your project.

Given below are some Strengths & Weaknesses of WordPress powered plugins

The WP plugins are great, they provide for developers, users and admins with a way to extend and re-use functionality. They are great tools but still, they have their pros and cons.


You can add plugins to almost any theme and expect it to work correctly.
A plugin acts as an all in one container box where you can keep all your codes and elements so that you can build similar functionality for next project.
They are easy to make and can take advantage of WP action & filter hooks.


Plugins cannot output code directly into the location on a theme.
The plugins are just shortcodes so be prepared to face bugs or errors.
Limited access to templates and designs. The development of plugin is all about styling and functionality.

March 15 2017

March 10 2017

Affordable PSD to Wordpress Theme Conversion & Development

With the growing online competition for businesses, an individual should update his web portal with all the new technologies to retain its position in the market. An ideal business website is the one which marks the goals of the business and serves its customers with a unique and feature-rich web experience.

Business websites render to be a great platform to create opportunities to reach out the masses and compete in the worldwide market online. In order to reach out the audience effectively, it is essential that the website should be engaging and user friendly.

The primary reason behind the PSD to Wordpress theme conversions is that the web browsers find it difficult to deal with the static Photoshop file. Eventually, the user experience of the visitors is affected and a business looses a lot of potential customers.

In today’s digital web sphere, getting a website is merely not enough. Since every business gone online, it is imperative for a business website to feature what it’s target audience is looking for. To exceed the outreach of your website, it should be compatible with all the leading web browsers and varied screen resolutions of hand-held devices.

This is the primary reason that online ventures are investing in WordPress theme development to become the reigning brand in the global competition. If your business goal is also to get the maximum traffic and make a good number of sales, you can find a reliable agency which provides professional experts for psd to WordPress conversion.

With the demand for WordPress conversions on a high, many professional companies are available across the web who provide the conversion services. Thus, all you need to do is list down your requirements and explore the global market to find the rightful resources. Before you hand over the project, ensure that the developers are certified and have a good reputation in the market.

In addition to this, the dedicated WordPress service providers hand-code the PSD designs into HTML/XHTML/CSS. These ensure that the website is equipped with cross browser compatibility, SEO friendly and semantic coding. So, a business can hire professional expertise to create a competitive business website.

March 02 2017

OSSMedia's Blog

WordPress is an open source tool for website development as well as management. The framework provides tremendous flexibility and features to a website. WordPress lets you run a website and a blog, all at the same time. 

March 01 2017

November 30 2016

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What is WordPress CMS Development?

Well, we all are aware of the fact that WordPress is a very convenient content management system available on the web sphere. It allows users to manage all the written and visual content in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, the customization process of WP is more like a do it yourself stuff but still it will be good that you appoint professionals for this work. 

You can also take help of the internet to locate suitable Wordpress Development Company for your project. These firms have a dedicated team of web developers and designers who have a good amount of experience in developing superb sites that meet all the expectations of the clients. Apart from that, WordPress offers a myriad range of features which a business owner can choose as per his requirement & budget. 

Given below are the few benefits of outsourcing of WordPress website development: 

1. Customization: As WP is an open-source platform, you can quickly tweak it as per your needs and brand image. By giving your site a unique touch, your portal will surely stay ahead of the stiff market competition and will also get noticed on the web.

2. PSD to WordPress conversion: It is a crucial step in the Wordpress customization process. Once you are through this conversion, your portal will solely run on the WP platform. Make sure you hire a trusted and experienced developer for this step who will keep you design safe and secure. 

3. Plugin Development: Plugins and extensions help in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the site. You can either download these from WP's directory or else you can get them custom made from a developer. 

4. Support: Every internet site requires maintenance at regular intervals so that it can keep up with changing trends. The best thing about hiring experts is that they offer round the clock technical and non-technical support to the users. 

5. Bug Fixing: Bugs can hamper the performance of any website and can also bring down the uploading speed of your site. Skilled Wordpress developers have complete knowledge of the common bugs which are part of WP codes and can fix them in no time.  

November 14 2016

May 28 2015

Choose Magento for Flexible and Smooth E-commerce Development

Magento is the most flexible and feature-rich content management system used by all the leading online players to sell their extensive range of products. Undoubtedly, it’s the most competitive e-commerce platform with sophisticated features, technology, and dynamic architecture.

This high-performing, scalable CMS system has been constantly adopted by various fast-growing companies. And thus, we have people urgently looking to hire Magento developers to get a rock-solid e-commerce store ready to sell almost everything. Its enterprise-class feature has been accurately designed to cater to all your online business needs. And to help you drive traffic to your website, which ultimately converts potential buyers into promising once and boost your online revenue.

There is lot to know about Magento and its capabilities, but the best way to get the big picture is by delving into its biggest advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Flexible Enough to Meet Your Business Needs:

Magento is flexible enough to meet the ongoing demands of several business operations. It offers a  high level of functionality and customization facilities to its users that provide business owners complete control and flexibility to alter their online websites as per the specifications required, while also providing robust features such as marketing, multi-store management, mobile commerce, search engine optimization and a lot more.

2. Versatile Content Management System

Magento is an intuitive, visual based page editor that allows online shop owners to build and customize their offerings in the manner most effective.

3. Advanced SEO Capabilities

The platform is built with SEO efficiency, so that your store enjoys a better chance to rank on the top of the search engines.

4. Tools to Attract and Maintain Customer Base:

Magento also offers amazing tools and options to retain its customer base by providing safe online payment methods, accurate description of products, allow buyers to review and rate the products or keep wish lists and much more.

5. Massive Community Support

Magento is an open-source platform, means it has a vast support of Magento developers who have been making efforts to the growth of this platform. By developing powerful Magento extensions, themes and other solutions, they offer better ways to the online owners to add an edge to their online business.

6 . Amazing Reach to Mobile Customers:

Customers are using Smartphones these days and everything has been customized to get into handheld devices. More and more customers prefer to browse their phones or tablet when on the go. Magento’s has also updated its features to put the whole online store into your hands, so that you can visit the website whenever you like.  

7. Customization

Magento theme structure is 100% customizable, means you can mold it or adjust it in any way you want. You have an absolute control over the code so that you can add  more functionalities and make necessary modifications. However, customizing a Magento store is a daunting task and demands professional coding skills, so having the assistance of a Magento development company is required to accomplish the customization task successfully. Having an offshore partner on board will help you create a Magento store that stands true to the latest e-commerce and web development trends, so make sure you seek their guidance to fulfill your customers’ demands.

8. Advantage of Up-sells and Cross-sells

Using Magento, it is extremely easy to add prompts to browse related products and checkout pages in order to make your user experience absolutely pleasurable.

9. Secure and Reliable Payment Mode

Providing a safe or risk free payment mode is extremely important if you want to build customer trust and loyalty. An e-commerce store built using Magento is complete secure when it comes to making payments or anything that matters. It provides you methods to keep your website safe by customizing multiple security levels, Personal Data Security, and CAPTCHA integration to maintain a strong security layer.

Wrapping Up

In the world of e-commerce, Magento has emerged as one of the fastest and ever-growing platform for e-commerce industry. Since, it’s an open-source platform, it is an affordable choice for various businesses to enhance the experience of their online customers.

May 27 2015

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12 Years in Development & Why WordPress still stands Toll

 WordPress will celebrate it’s 12 birthday on 27 May and since past 12 years it is growing luxuriantly. According to Wikipedia,   “More than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015”.  Over all these years WordPress has become the nick name of professional or blogging websites. WordPress is a very rich platform which is used to create websites offering quite significant benefits.  WordPress development services are used by around 60 million people for developing feature rich websites. Popularity of this CMS is growing exponentially and the reason being is simply sublime technology.
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