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Why Drupal 8 Has Become the Most Revolutionary Platform Among Web Developers?

Drupal 8 is the latest perk offered for the developers that allows them to work on a highly dynamic and outstanding platform. This latest version of Drupal is well-known for adaptable release and customization property. It also innumerable offers and revolutionary ways which is used to customize the data structures, pages and listings. A developer can also use it to add a wide range of capabilities that are used to display data on phones, adapting the multilingual needs and also for building APIs. This is the best thing that every developer will going to love.

How to start up with Drupal 8?

In order to get started with Drupal 8, the very basic thing that is required is to get a git environment for development. Now, as soon as you are available with this, the next thing you must do is to read all the guidelines to explore how to test the patches and what is the procedure to review them? Eing a developer, deeply go through creating patches. If you are done with reading the instructions and still confused with them, simply drop by #drupal-contribute so that someone can approach you for help.

There are many core mentoring hours as well that takes place twice a week for guidance and it envelops how to start and what to start? This facility is available for both technical and non-technical.

What features makes Drupal 8 outstanding?

Mobile friendly:

All the built-in themes of Drupal 8 are responsive. Moreover, administration pages works swiftly even on mobile phones. Tables are flexible to shrink and also the new toolbar is included in Drupal 8 which makes it mobile-friendly from the scratch. The administration overlay is eliminated because of its light weight.

Built-in web services:

A developer can build the mobile apps as their data source and they can also post back to Drupal as well. However, Drupal 8 also implements the latest Hypertext Application Language also. So, content can be exposure as XML or JSON. This is the reason which enables Custom Drupal Development services to use Drupal 8 at high level.

Improved markup:

Within Drupal 8, the page markup is based on HTML-5. Each of the output templates has all the simplified classes as well as elements. Thus, the picture element incredibly supports responsive image display. There are also fixed native tools on mobile that are used for fields including phone, e-mail and date.

Revolutionary configuration system:

Drupal 8 usually comes with a file based on system associated with configuration system. This leverage makes it simpler so that configuration changes can be transformed easily such as fields, new content, views and much more. It also allows you to use version control for the configuration which is extremely outstanding.

Outstanding improvements:

No doubt, Drupal 8 is highly considered by developers for amazing and excellent changes. Thus, each Drupal theme programmer also prefers using this latest version. These changes were added to the earlier version of Drupal 8 and a few of them have been listed as follows:

  • Modules were eliminated to design core leaner

  • The approach for OOP (Object Oriented Programming) was highly advanced.

  • The APIs and the themes widely used by developers were also improved.

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