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Strengths and Weaknesses of WordPress Plugins

The primary goal of the WordPress Plugin Directory is to offer a safe place for all sorts of WordPress users from non-technical ones to the professional developers- to download unique plugins that help in adding desired functionality in the WordPress based websites. These plugins act like power boosters and do help in enhancing the overall user-experience.

When it comes to Wordpress Plugin development it will be good if you hire the services of a skilled and talented developer who can provide you with desired plugins in stipulated time frame. Creating a plugin is not that messy, but still, it’s recommended to hire the services of developers as they are the right person for this job and will provide you with an innovative product that will surely give your site a competitive edge in the market.

There’s no doubt in that the plugins are one of the WordPress’s most powerful assets. In essence, plugins are the modules with which you can activate a series of features and elements.

The functionality you can add to your site depends on what each specific plugin has been built to do. The WordPress Plugin Directory is full of a wide selection of plugins, ranging from simple ones (such as styling & theme change plugins) all the way to extensive plugins (that offer eCommerce integration, SEO or third party connections). 

The plugins work different from the theme, in other words, they work independently, using filters, hooks, widgets, shortcodes and the custom codes that allow these plugins to perform their functionality. At present, there are several Wordpress development Services providers in the market which are engaged in plugin development process.Before you hire anyone, it will be good if you do a bit of a research and appoint the best one for your project.

Given below are some Strengths & Weaknesses of WordPress powered plugins

The WP plugins are great, they provide for developers, users and admins with a way to extend and re-use functionality. They are great tools but still, they have their pros and cons.


You can add plugins to almost any theme and expect it to work correctly.
A plugin acts as an all in one container box where you can keep all your codes and elements so that you can build similar functionality for next project.
They are easy to make and can take advantage of WP action & filter hooks.


Plugins cannot output code directly into the location on a theme.
The plugins are just shortcodes so be prepared to face bugs or errors.
Limited access to templates and designs. The development of plugin is all about styling and functionality.

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