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Virtual Reality: Does it has any future in website development?

Virtual Reality has promised to make massive changes in the way we experience and interact with the web technology. Despite the fact, that VR is still trying to join the mainstream, there are several developments taking place through which you can turn your smartphone into a virtual reality handsets.

Apart from that, developers are also trying to merge this VR concept in the websites and internet browsers so that users can enjoy a real life browsing experience.

In this article, you will read about how Wordpress website development service providers are taking advantage of Web VR and various other implications that help in improving overall web design.

Although, the Web VR is still in development phase, but developers are trying their best to integrate this feature in the sites. If you wish to add VR functionality in your portal, then it’s recommended to hire a highly-skilled developer or development agency.

Which Virtual Reality Tech is available right now?

VR devices are still new in the market, so the gadgets related to it available in limited quantity only. There are only four major brands in the market which develop high-quality VR headsets:

Google Cardboard- Within just $10-15 you can turn any mobile device into a VR headset. Moreover, the latest YouTube app comes pre-loaded with the Google Cardboard support and with one click you can enable the VR mode.

Oculus Rift– One of the first companies to develop the Virtual Reality tech. Oculus Rift designed the best and costliest VR headsets which are generally used by the expert gamers. Recently, Facebook purchased Oculus Rift in a billion-dollar deal.

HTC Vive– Just like Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive also comes with a price tag of $800 and offers an amazing virtual experience.

Samsung Gear– Compared to Oculus and VIVE, the Samsung Gear comes with a much affordable price tag. By paying just $100, you can enjoy great VR experience.

What About WordPress’s Support for Virtual Reality?

To take things to the next level, Wordpress theme development service providers are beta testing VR-enabled templates. The initial results were quite amazing and it is expected that these themes would be launched soon. For a global success, several developers are building libraries which can support the virtual reality implementation for the sites. And thankfully, this phase will be completed soon.

The Web VR (which is still under development) is a JavaScript based library which allows Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard to access the sites in a proper manner. With Web VR, people don’t have to rely on specialised apps to browse the web, normal web browsers will do the job too. It is predicted that by the beginning of 2018, the stable version of Web VR would be released in the market.  

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